Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Teacher's Day!

Ajj fir School jaane ko Dil karta hai.....
Subah-Subah jaldi uth nahane ko Dil karta hai,
School dress pehan kr tie lagane ko Dil karta hai,
Ajj firr.....Line me lagkar prayer karne ko Dil karta hai,
Ek dusre ko dhakka de aage badhne ko Dil karta hai,
Ajj firr Class ke khali period me chalk marne ko Dil karta hai,
Lunch time me ek dusre ka tiffin khane ko Dil karta hai,
Aaj firr.....Class me mam ke questions puchne par chupchap khade honne ko Dil karta hai,
Home work na karne aur dher sarre bahane banane ko Dil karta hai,
Ajj firr.....Social science ke period me sone ka Dil karta hai,
Kissi ko dekh muskurane ka Dil karta hai,
Saara Din masti karne ka Dil karta hai,
Chutti ke intezar me bell bajne ka Dil karta hai,
Ajj firr.....Un dosto ke saath baate karne aur ladne jhagdne ka Dil karta hai,
Sab kuchh bhul jaankar mast hone ka Dil karta hai,
Aaj fir School jaane ko Dil karta hai...........

This is for all my teachers, for making me what I am today. Thank you very much!

Wondering how I celebrated it? Not exactly teacher's day but I celebrated Guru-poornima this year. Check out the pictures below!

Hanita ma'am was here in US this year on the day of Guru-poornima and we gave her a surprise when she came at our place with a small cake cutting ceremony that we hardly got any time to bake! 
Sweet memories!

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