Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's cooking in MJ Kitchen?

Mathura k dubki wale aaloo

Crispy Eggplant!

Dhodho with Lassi

home fried pani puri

Trying gulab jamun at home!

Brownie with icecream!

Eedda - gujju snack!

Kaaju Paneer with Garlic naan! 

Jalepeno bread with guac!

Fish tikka masala!

Kale chips

Crispy maggie!

Maggie with bbq veggies!

Madras tea! Our speciality!

Handwo - gujju snack!

Baked fish masala with masala rice!

Dahi vada

Daal pakwaan!

Fry'ums :)

Masala Papad!

Aaloo patis!
Home made burrito bowl!

Inside of the bowl!


Sev-usal take 2

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