Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dream vacation to Maui: Day 5

This was the last day and the vacation was about to get over :'( We went to hawaii and we didnt even go to a beach. So today was the day to go on the beach. We got up early in the morning and went to the beach of our hotel. The beach was super beautiful! We played with the sand on the beach and instead of making castles I made Manoj a mermaid. Covered him completely with sand :D Check out the pictures. After the beach we also went to the hotel pool and Jacussi. Ultimate relaxing it was !!! This trip was super tiring if I just think about the first four days of the trip. But, the last day indeed was relaxing!

We were ready to head back to the airport and on the way we visited Choice again and had Coconut and garlic quinoa and Cajun black bean soup. It was yummilicious :)  On our way, we also stopped at local fruit market where we took a pineapple and mangoes and dragon fruit + banana smoothie!

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