Friday, September 26, 2014

A beautiful Gift!

Few days back while I was working from home, I heard someone slipping an envelope from the bottom of our apartment door. I quickly opened the door to find out that it was Shreyansh. I spotted him running downstairs ;) I was wondering as to why would he run like that? On asking him to come up, he simply refused and asked to catch up later as he was in a hurry.. 

The envelope that he dropped had the MJ symbol that we used on our wedding invitation cards over it. On opening the envelope, I found a small photo-card in it with one of my favorite pictures from our pre-wedding photoshoot.  On opening the card, I found a beautifully written letter inside. It was quite interesting to read that :) Even though he is more of Manoj's friend than me, it was something least expected from a person like him. Although it was so touching to read that letter but 'dost', sorry and letter se kaam nahi chalega, be sure to keep your promise as written in the letter. 26th December is approaching soon and we are celebrating! You are invited! Don't miss it, again!

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