Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Couple photoshoot - Chandni and Pinkal

February has been my best month of 2016. Not because its a valentine's month but because we visited India in February this year :) It was super duper tiring but we enjoyed every single bit of it. One of the many best things we did in India was to attend my younger sister's (Chandni's) 'Misri' ceremony. 'Misri' ceremony in Sindhi's is what 'Roka' is for Punjabi's and what 'Gaud-Dhana' is for Gujju's. It symbolizes coming together of the two families of the couple. It means that the search of the families and the individuals for their soulmate has stopped. 

Once the shopping and preparation for the 'Misri' was done, both of them (Chandni and Pinkal) wanted to do photoshoot before the event. I was looking for a good photographer to do the photoshoot but wasn't able to find a decent one at the last minute. So, Manoj and I decided to do it by ourselves. I have always been very fascinated by Laxmi Vilas Palace since the time it has opened for public. As soon as we decided we are going to be the photographers, I decided that was the place I would like to go for the shoot. Chandni immediately spoke to one of her friends who got us the permit and we were all set :)

Here are few pics from the photoshoot:

Ek ladki thi deewani si!
Is ladke pe woh marti thi :)
Chori Chori chupke chupke, messages kiya karti thi..
Kuch kehna tha shayad isse..
Jabhi milti thi isse, yahi pucha karti thi! 
Pyar kaise hota hai? Yeh pyar kaise hota hai? :D

Doctor Doctor, kuch kuch hota hai :)
His heart beats for hers!
Ek duje k liye !
Ek ladki bheeghi bhaaghi si ;)

Pictures says it all :)
Kya tum mujhse shhaddi.. hmm friendship karogi?
... and finally he found his Cindrella and the right shoes :)
Love is in the air :)
Beginning of happiness forever!
Magical ..
Dramatic :P
Finally .. hum saath saath hai :)

Partners in crime :)
Same to same !

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