Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dream vacation to Maui: Day 3 Sunrise/Bike tour @ Haleakela

We got up super early at 2 am for the sunrise at Haleakela. Our tour company was going to get us at 2:30 am. K (Out tour guide) called me saying your husband is downstairs and sunrise wont wait for us so we are leaving. I requested her not to leave me alone as I was on my way to the lobby (Although, I was in my room ;))

Ok, finally we left and we reached the breakfast area where we were served juices and coffee and cookies before heading towards the Haleakela sunrise tour. They gave us the biking gears like Jackets, Pants, Gloves, etc. As it was very early in the morning it was very chilly outside.

We reached haleakela around at 5 am in the morning. It was freezing cold out there!!! And we were right on time. The view was exceptionally beautiful. It felt like we were on the top of a garden covered with snow all over! We tried to take the best spot to take pictures but there was crowd all over. We somehow managed to get a good spot on the top of the hill. To my surprise, the sun rise was too quick. I mean the sun gave its first appearance and was considerably high within two minutes. We took lots of pictures and we started heading back. It was totally worth coming to this place although for even two minutes of time. The views were tremendously beautiful!

Beautiful colors in the sky!

This is when sun just peeked out of those clouds

The sun rays look so beautiful

Here it comes!


Trying some photography tricks!

View of the parking lot on the other side!

After the sun-rose completely!

Now the most adventure part was yet to begin! Biking downhill for 28 miles!!! Woah! I was super excited. All geared up for biking. I was excited but not at all nervous. But, the moment we started cruising down on our bikes I realized the speed was too fast for me to make me nervous like hell. I slowed down considerably to get away with my nervousness. The guide asked me to come right after him as he noticed that I wasn't cruising properly and looked a bit nervous. (Yes, I was terribly nervous. Usually I do not get nervous by speed. I love speeds. But yes this scared hell out of me :'() Slowly, after a while I got a hang of it. We were biking at 20-22 mph speed. We stopped at various scenic places to capture the tremendous beauty of nature. K told us that west Maui was the second most wettest mountain in the world. First one is Kwai. (also located in Hawaii.)

Photoshoot at one of the scenic places on the bike route!
Here is a small video of the bike ride in the midst of those beautiful mountains :)

After 28 miles biking tour, we returned our bikes and went to the Tortilla company for some heavy breakfast! We reached back at the hotel at 11:30am and were super tired of our morning adventure. We had been scheduled for a Timeshare presentation (by Diamond) at 12:30 so we headed out for it again!

We went to some resort at the Kaanapali beach front for Diamond timeshare. I kind of loved the idea. How cool it would be to buy your vacations instead of renting your vacations! That means we are guaranteed to go for vacation atleast for two weeks every year! That would be so awesome for a person like me who enjoys traveling :) I simply loved it and wanted to buy that. But we were kind of not yet ready for the BIG investment. Never mind there is always a next time!

Later while we were hanging out on the beach front, I met Priya and Kunal again ! What a surprise? again?
Meeting Priya Matai on the Kaanapali beach front!

Post this presentation, I was very excited to get ready for the dinner cruise :) It was our 5th month anniversary. Both of us wore hawaiian dresses with the lehs for the cruise :) Wow! Both of us looked gorgeous :-* Here are a few pictures we took on the cruise !

Remembering Titanic!

Going crazy!

Trying to pose for AA-LO-HA! Out of sync :P


Aloha baby!

They served chicken and fish on the cruise and it was delicious! After the cruise, we slept early as it was a verrrrryyyyyyy long day for us! Good night for the day...!

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