Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Story behind Thadri !!!

Thadri is one of the most important festivals for Sindhis. But, I never knew the reason behind celebrating Thadri. I guess as a child I was never so inquisitive to find out the reason. But now I have gotten the answer to this question. Here is a short description that my Mother-in-law sent me about why Sindhis celebrate Thadri in the month of Shravan. It is really very informative and I thought of putting it here on the blog. 


Thadhri is celebrated for Devi Mata ---- when people used to get small pox or chicken pox - it used to be considered that have Mata ( meaning Mata was upset) --- Mata means Chandi Mata- Durga Devi in Chandi Roop --- People considered it to be her anger. So Thadho (cold) used to be done --- Cold Food and people prayed to her.

The mother goddess is worshipped in various forms, Sittala, being the small-pox goddess, is worshipped by Sindhis. She is the eldest of several sisters, named after different kinds of diseases such as measles etc. The worship of the goddess lasts during the whole period of the attack of the goddess (disease). Mothers sing Thadhri son: 'Thaar Mata Thaar, Munhje bachran khe thaar'…

The annual festival observed in honour of this goddess is called 'Thadri', or the cooling festival.

Meetho Lolo and Dal jo Lolo is usually made for a festival.

Ladies prepare Meetho Lolo, Dal jo Lolo and curd, boondi raita on the previous day of the festival. On the day, fire is not lit at home, and we eat the thado (cold) food prepared on the previous day.


Thadhri means Thadho (Cold)

 - Chulas are not burnt - thats the thing because - in the morning Pooja of Chula is suppose to be done with Akhri and thikriyiun.
- 7 akhriyoon small size of quarters lolis are made they are supposed to be kept on chula on which lollas were made
- with matho on them and some sindoor and water is put
- then You have to offer some flowers if you so prefer
- whole day they should be kept
- next day you put them under the tree and then light up the chulo
- Its more or less for making the agni cool
- five tikriyoon small of pennies size are also made. chana dal 2 spoons is also soaked in the night and with soaked chana dal
- 5 tikriyoon sindoor you hold them in your muthi and you have keep on everybody's eyes
- and say three times --- ' Lakhro saakro, wadi mai, nandi mai, Langhi payi paar, devi rani tu thadho kar thaar.'

Agni tej is in our eyes- thats why they are kept and prayer to devi mata is done.

This is one of the very important Festivals of Sindhis.

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