Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dream vacation to Maui: Day 4 Hana Drive

We again got up early in the morning at 7 am this time. We took a couple of pictures from our hotel room before heading out to Hana Drive.

One of the places I wanted to be in Lahaina shores was for breakfast. And yes, we finally made it. We attempted I guess 2-3 times to go to this place but without any luck everytime. (It closes at 4pm) But, this time we headed out early in the morning at 7:30 am and finally made it to the place :) And I would say it was totally WORTH it!! We ordered the sunrise desert bowl. Omg, I loved it so much! The sunrise bowl had acai, berries, banana, strawberry, maca, cacao nibs, honey, almonds, milk, hemp seeds. The most healthiest breakfast I have ever had! Loved every single bite of it. [We actually made this at home every single morning after we were back from hawaii atleast for a full month with whatever ingredients we could get in the bay area.]

We headed out to the Hana Drive which is beautiful and serene drive. The roads were curvy and little risky. There were many tourists spots on the way we planned to stop by. But unfortunately, we missed the Twin falls :( The drive as I said was risky and the speed limit was 15mph throughout the drive. Although, it was lot of fun to drive on those roads. We went to blow hole, black sand beach, fresh water caves. It was all so serene! Loved every single view of it!

We started to head back before it started to get dark. On our way back to the hotel, we saw the sugarcane trains :) We decided to go back to the Front street to have our dinner. We loved the Front street so much that we went there for the second time but this time walking. We didnt know that it was at walkable distance from our hotel. We went to Bubba Gump for dinner. We do have Bubba Gump here in SF but have never been there before. 

On our way back, we bought pineapple shaped hawaiian cookies :) We headed back to the hotel and called it a day!

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