Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A short trip to Cancun! Part 1

After postponing trip to Philly a couple of times, finally we cancelled the trip to Philly and instead we decided to meet bhaiya and bhabhi and mummy in Cancun! We finally were prepared for this trip and this was the first time ever in my life, I didn't plan anything in the trip. It was not because I was not excited but the reason being I was super busy at the time. This trip was scheduled just for 4 days in Cancun. We left early in the morning at 3am on 24th Sep which was a friday and our flight was from SFO. We flew to LA and reached there at 8:30 am. We got a couple of hours of lay-over where we planned our next trip to Vegas during Christmas ;) In those 3 hours of time we booked our flight tickets to Vegas! 

We reached Cancun at 8:30 pm and it was super hot. We started stripping clothes off as we were wearing layers of clothes ;) Bhaiya came to pick us up at the airport and he drove us to the hotel which was located in Caracol. The name of the resort we spent most of time in Cancun is called Sandos! We met our sweetie-cutie little munchkins named Anaya and Sanaa at the entrance of the hotel itself. Next, I was super excited for the food. I really love mexican food (from what I know after eating for couple of hundreds of times at Chipotle) After reaching Sandos, first thing we had is lot of salsa and chips and guacomole at La-Laguna. It wasn't that great though :( I pacified myself thinking may be today it is not a great day and was looking forward for the next couple of meals :)

A few statues outside the resort!

Day 2:  We got up early in the morning and got ready for the adventure in Cancun at the resort. We had our breakfast at Toscana which is an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, I am no Italian food lover. After having breakfast, we headed out to the Aqua water park. Actually, it was raining heavily when we were heading near the pool. But in no time, the weather became sunny and shiny! The person in charge of the pool and facilities turned the rides ON for us and he let us in.  We had a great time at the pool. After having fun at the pool, we started to head to the beach! On the beach, we did Jet ski for the first ever time !!! Oh My God, it was so scary! I was super scared sitting with Manoj! He drove like crazy :(( I swear'ed to myself that I will never go to any water sports until I have learnt swimming after this trip. He is amazing at how he rode the jet ski :) I will never sit behind him again until I know swimming :'( [Unfortunately, I dont have any pictures from jetskiing as I was dead scared.]

Toscana, the Italian restaurant!

We tried various different types of cocktails in the resort. After the Jet ski, we had Dirty monkey and Mudslide on the beach. We also played with Anaya with the sand and tried to make castle with her toys :) Once again, we made manoj a mermaid ;) On the same day in the evening, we went to watch the Mayans show and it's called X-calacoco! I love the name but I really didn't understand anything in the show .. they were talking in spanish and I didn't really get what they were doing :( We called it a day after having dinner. Before sleeping, Manoj and I went over the books in the room about the Mayan civilizations and their culture and their history and the places to visit near by. This really helped us a lot for the next set of shows that we watched the following days.

Day 3: On the third day, we got up early in the morning and were contemplating if we should do the resort tour. We were not sure if it was worth it. Finally, we decided to do the tour. And it was no longer that we realized that we were wasting our time. This guy was trying to sell us the membership and he did not even catch our slightest interest on being a member ;) I think the timeshare presentations we attended in Hawaii were far more catchy then this guy was offering us! Never mind, we wrapped up the meeting as soon as we could and headed to do the Cenotes in the resort itself. Unfortunately, I did not get into the water this time. But, I took some really good pictures :)

After the Cenotes, we had some quick lunch and we wanted to head out of the resort. After all we had come so far to explore as much as we can in this short period of time. So, we decided to go to Akamul beach. And yeah we did snorkeling there! It was my second experience with Snorkeling :) And as usual it took me a while to get used to water. After a lot of effort, Manoj and bhaiya were successful to pull me in water. But I got comfortable in water only when it was time to head back. I guess I need a solid training for swimming :'( All my trips are getting spoiled only because I am so scared of getting into the water. So, next time, I will only go to a beach destination after I have learnt swimming :) On the same day after covering Akamul beach, we headed out to Tulum, but unfortunately it was closed for entry. No worries, we had covered a lot of things for the day and it was time to head back and have some Japanese/Hibachi food at the resort :) We went to El-Templo for dinner after getting back. Here are some pictures from that night !

We had a very interesting dinner that night. The cook showed us some of his cooking skills/stunts and they were mind blowing. They were so amazing that I missed to take any of his pictures doing that. I guess I have to go back to Hibachi restaurant to capture the stunts :)

Here are few pictures that I took in the resort:

A small snow man in our room waiting for us to get back!

Ganesha in one of the resort restaurant! 

Entrance of Sandos!

Cafe in the resort

Bike rental place !

Another small elephant waiting for us to get back in our room :)

~Stay tuned for more to come! 


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