Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shravan 2014

Shravan is a month of festivities. It is a month of festivals as well as a month of birthdays for the Wadhwani's. Many special people in my life share their birthdays with me in this month :) When I was a kid, we used to celebrate this month to its max. (Even more than Diwali, Navratri, Uttarayan, etc) Be it Rakshabandhan, Thadri, Janmashtami, Teejri, Independence day, Raja's birthday, Chandni's birthday, my birthday all of my cousins and rest of the family would gather at our place. If we did not have any festival/birthday on a particular day, we would meet for playing cards. It's a month of earning money (If you are lucky :) but if you lose money, your parents convince you by saying its lucky to lose in the month of Shravan. More Laxmi will come to our house if we lose :) Not sure where all this came from. But this is what I have grown up listening :))

Here are a few pictures of how we celebrated our Shravan month in California. It was not 'so' happening as in India. (India is always the BEST no matter what!) I miss home :'(

Teejdi Pooja

Teejdi - MJ

With friends!

Teejdi Potluck!

Independence day!

Preparation for the Saatam/Thadri

Prep for eating koki @ 4am (Asur)

Rakshabandhan gift from Piyush bhaiya!

Rakshabandhan Selfie

Prep for saatam!

With Abhishek bhaiya ;)

Parcel from India :) :) 

With Rakesh and Harika!
Manoj's hand with rakhis!

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