Thursday, August 21, 2014

2011 wala Happy Birthday

This is a post from 2011 birthday when I had one of the best birthday's ever. I think I am lucky to say this on each and every birthday :) This is a post from my facebook notes which I decided to paste it here, who knows facebook one day decides to shut itself down and I will lose all the memories of my 2011 birthday that I noted down three years back on facebook. I am on a birthday week celebration so I have been and will be posting few other beautiful events that happened on this year's birthday as well. I have been super busy to get to those posts yet. I am guessing I will be posting about my birthday throughout this month ;)

Blessed on a birthday - 2011

Happy birthday .. It was indeed a happy wala birthday .. I would admit it was the happiest birthday in the US .. Not that the previous birthday's were not very happy but this one was special in a true sense ..
1. I got my best friend back whom I had lost for no (good) reason.. The most invaluable gift .. Thanks to you (You know who, right? )
2. I got a Kinect with xbox ;) Thanks to you (You know who, right? \m/)
3. Getting a birthday toast from your friends ..
4. A trip to Tucson and meeting my old friends ..
5. An awesome trip to San Diego with my buddies .. (Second most invaluable gift :))
6. Meeting up with childhood school friend in San Diego ..
7. Meeting undergrad friend after a long time..
8. Having an awesome experience at midnight with all those buddies in SD ..
9. Getting a new iPhone ;) (Thanks to you, you know it, right? )
10. Getting back the lost carton which had many precious memories .. (Thanks to USPS - I hate you but I like you ;))
11. The long awaited call at 10 pm :)
Keeping the list short, special thanks to Rishi, Sanil, Prateek, AB and my roomie Aayushi for the Ketchup, Turmeric powder, Strawberry with the cake :)
Cheers !!

[Note: This note is the result of inspiration from my role model who says - Get up and acknowledge ppl who make you feel happy. Don't wait for the special occasion to share your positive views about others.. do it right away..We can add happiness/smile to someone’s face by saying good words or thanking him/her which he/she already deserves. -  I agree, what a great thought!! No doubt he is my role model. But, I guess I am very materialistic:( [Sorry guys, but I have to admit it ;) JK] (I know you are going to kill me to post this on FB .. But, I need to acknowledge your great thought and its an era of social network .. so I cant help it ..! )

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