Thursday, August 7, 2014

2012 wala Happy Birthday

Guess what! It's my birthday month :) I just realized that although I never used to write (anything in that matter) before starting this blog, I did write TWO notes, two consecutive years on facebook, both times in my birthday month!

This is a copy paste of one of my those notes that I wrote on Facebook in 2012. I think this is a very good edition to this blog (After all, its a post from the times before even I started writing ;)) I have been too busy lately with lot of things going on (coming on blog very soon!) and I wanted to start seeing some activity on my blog so thought of this perfect addition again in the birthday month. Here it is:

Back in Time ...

On this day I miss the time,

When the most popular games were "thappo", "chocolate-free", "king", "vajeer-vajeer"
When the best delights were "aam-papad", "jal-jeera", "Kismibar", "baraf-gola"
When the favorite drinks were "rasna", "complan", "boost", "pepsi cola"
When decision were made by "akkad bakkad bambey bow"

When cricket rules were "bahar gaya toh out, aur jo marega wahi lekar aayega"
When girls tweaked the rules of cricket for them "ek tappi not out", "batting twice"
When the frequently used words were "kitta", "jo kehta hai wahi hota hai", "same 2 u, no return", "God promise"
When the favorite TV serials were "Small-wonder", "I dream of Jeannie", "mogli", "malgudi days", "hip hip hooray"
When the favorite card games were "rammi", "donkey-monkey", "do-teen-paanch", "char-sau-bees"
When the favorite board games were "business", "ludo" and "saap-sidi"
When our favorite commercials were "I love you Rasna", "Jalebi", "Pears - Aapka chehra mere liye lucky hai"

When our cousins used to visit us every summer,
When we used to spend hours playing "mario", "contra", "ice climber", "excite bike" with them
When we used to sleep on roof during summers,
When we used to play "kasto-panjo-khal-samundhar-delhi" before sleeping in summer vacation

When we used to watch "ramayan" and "mahabharat" and wait for "say na something to anupam uncle" every sunday morning
When we used to watch all ekta kapoor's "saas bahu" drama every night
When we used to spend long hours of chatting while sending off our guests from the gate to their vehicle
When our five mins would never mean less than an hour

When we did not get food if India would lose a cricket match
When we went out and went crazy on roads if India would win the match

When giving a bday treat at Mc Donalds or Dominos used to be considered as royal
When watching a movie at Inox (multiplex) gave us immense pleasure
When driving to chandan(multiplex in the outskirts of baroda) for a movie was like a day of picnic

Small small things but they gave us eternal peace,
Today things have changed so much,
Today, we have everything we have always dreamt of,
But, somewhere in the middle of all the luxuries I feel lost,
So, on this day I want to step back and live those moments of past.

Those moments with my parents and grand parents,
Those fights with my sisters and cousins,
Those fun times with my friends and relatives.

Those oral exams,
Those competitions to get first rank in class,
Those attacks on lunch boxes of friends,
Those fractured arms and legs,
Those days of depression during board exams,
Those days of achievement to see your name in the newspaper,
Those performances on the final day of school/college,
Those fresher's and farewell parties,
Those celebrations on festivals,
Those mom's screams to get back home on time,
Those gossips..
Those flirtacious teenage days..

Everything is so fresh in my mind,
It feels as if it was yesterday.
Today, when I have lived one-third of my life,
I want to go back in time.
And Live my childhood days again,
And thank everyone who has gifted me these memories,
And tell them that I love them and miss them even today,
And hoping our paths will cross again.

It would be better if I summarize,
Coz I still have a lot to rise,
The memories are awesome, lovely and deep,
But I have lot of promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

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