Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 wala Happy Birthday

This year my birthday was one of the most eventful birthdays ever. Our new home was born on the same day I was <3. This was one of the best feeling one could get. Cant ask for anything better than this :) The best part is when I saw a "Happy Birthday" banner on the main door. That was so sweet :) I was surprised to see that and was wondering if the Taylor Morrison (construction company) guys put that up and that's how they welcome you to the new home. But later on asking Manoj I realized it was him who had sneaked in for couple of hours the day before to set things up before we enter our new home :)

Let us take a selfie first ;)

Later that evening, he had also planned a surprise party for me in the Encinal park. We did barbeque party at the park where we cooked a bunch of stuff on the grill and had loads of fun together :)

Happy birthday to me :)

With the crazy gang!
This year Chandni also made a short video to wish me happy birthday which also made the day extra special for me. Here is the video:

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