Friday, June 20, 2014

Featured on a blogger friend's blog!

This is the first time I have ever been featured on a blog :) Yeppie!! And on the same friend's blog who is my only (read ONLY) source of inspiration and because of whom my blog came into existence :) I would love to capture this as one of the best moments in my journey of blogging !!

Thank you Aditi and love you so much! Agar hum nahi mile hote toh I would have missed something really BIG in my life. These days, I have been crazy for reading blogs and I enjoy them a lot. I did not realize until now that it could be so much fun (I really mean it). Moreover, I decided to start (re)collecting the memories in the form of few words/pictures so that I can go over them in future and re-live those moments again. I always thought that capturing pictures was the best way to capture memories, but how often do we dig into our hard disks and go over the old pictures (sigh! we have millions of them) How much do we remember what we did in the vacation/s that we went 2 years back? Here is where I realized the power of blogging! With blogging, I decided to write down all the best moments of my life like vacations, get togethers, date-nights, friends re-union, weddings, birthdays, barbecues, etc etc. I am sure I will come across various other reasons to blog along my journey. Its been a couple of weeks and I am already enjoying every bit of it.

To read the blog post by Aditi please visit:
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  1. Aaww thnk u so much. U r the best...!

  2. Glad to read that you discovered the joys of blogging and about your passion for it. Your enthusiasm at writing a blog is bursting out of your sentences!! :)
    And what you said is so true, blogging and writing is something very unique and can give the reader the whole experience, magically invoking all the senses. Cheers to the power of the written word! Have fun blogging!