Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friends Season - Work out, Stay Fit and Enjoy Life by Shubhi Jain

Today is day-four of our ‘Friends Season’ and I hope you are enjoying reading the interesting topics that my friends have come up with! Today is about another exciting thing that most of us are not really motivated for. It’s about fitness! I was never a person who would care a bit about exercising regularly or eating healthy or staying fit. Once in a while I would take resolutions to stay fit but I would break it within a week. Nothing ever lasted longer than a week! Although I have been surrounded by people going to the gym regularly, doing half marathons, full marathons, trialothons etc. but nothing ignited the spark in me! I always thought, it was not for me. But recently I joined WalmartLabs and saw more and more motivated people following their fitness regime religiously.  And that’s when I decided to do something about it and things changed gradually and as a result I ran a half marathon recently. That has been one of my biggest achievements of 2015. Read more about my half marathon experience here.

Let me introduce you to today’s blogger – Shubhi Jain – who is one of the motivations I got, after working at Labs. I have known Shubhi for little over 6 months now. She is very smart, energetic and an outgoing personality. She is a happy-go-lucky person who likes to shop and explore new places. She is not a kind of person who can sit and do nothing. She always keeps finding interesting things to keep herself busy during her pastime.

Shubhi exploring the City!

Over to you, Shubhi -

Well going to the gym or working out to be fit was never my thing, as I always had a body which never used to gain weight until I was 24 :P But things changed.. I completed my graduation, had an offer from WalmartLabs and went happily to India and there it started… gaining weight - may be because I was too happy with my accomplishments, so ate a lot or may be that is the age when your body have some changes I am not sure.  I started realizing that I am getting bit fat, my clothes are getting tight and I asked my mother that Indian food started hitting me, but like all moms my mom also said no you are not getting fat you are getting healthy :P. For an Indian, the love for food is more important than love for body :P so I didn't care too much about it.

After I came back and started my new job and with the good earning after almost two years I started spending on shopping, eating and whatever I like. I started getting bored with my daily routine.. Get up.. go to work.. come back.. pass time on facebook.. cook and then sleep late. After a few days I thought, let me start with something new on a regular basis and the first thing which struck my mind is starting gym and get fit. So after office, I started to make a routine of going to the gym in my apartment and without much knowledge about the equipment and workouts I just started with walking on treadmill and cycling for some 30 minutes each. I was feeling good after a few days as I started something new in my routine and following it regularly, though might not be intense enough for reducing fat. Then, I had a good discussion about gym and workout with one of my friends and he suggested me few workout routines from youtube videos to make it more intense and I started following it.  It started getting better with more soreness in the body and I started getting very nice sleep because of tiredness.

Then, just one day we were talking about dancing class at work while having lunch. Jaya was interested to join so to just start we went for cardio dance at Dance Identity and it was amazing, full of energy and awesome workout for one and half hour just dancing. I got a thought that even dancing is an amazing fat burn workout and I should make it a regular practice. I asked few other friends for company and then I found one of my school friends Apoorva, who was also interested to join. So we both started regular Bollywood Fuze class every Monday and believe me that change in my regular routine made me more inclined towards fitness.

I was interested in dancing since childhood so always participated in school, college and that interest even gave me a chance to perform at Walmart labs Diwali event. It was amazing experience to practice for hours taking time out of work and coordinating performance of all three of us. Everyone appreciated it. We received so many compliments for our performance. After the event, I continued my regular workout routine and added few more fitness classes in my schedule offered at my office like power shred, Bombay jam, crossfit and I feel much better now about my stamina and fitness level. I will surely continue this and moreover now I feel very happy about my routine. I would like to thank Jaya who told me to write few words about some topic and after so many confusions this topic came to my mind and I had so much to write about my inclination towards fitness.

Here are few pictures - 

Working out in office!

Dance performance!
Here's the video from the diwali celebration:

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