Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Friends Season - Science behind Earrings by Dena Madhwani

Today is day-two of our Friends Season :) 'Friends Season' is a great opportunity for me to realize how creative people get when they are not given a topic to write and they come up with brilliant content and that too on a short notice. The purpose of this season is to learn this creativity from friends and imbibe that into my thoughts for the future posts of beingdhriti!

Have you ever wondered if there is a science behind what nail color you should wear or which dress might suit you? I have never and I am sure most of you haven't. But here is my curious friend Dena transforming her dislike for earrings to something that has become the most important part of her outfit by studying the science behind what will suit her face. I know her since more than two years now. She is very innocent, beautiful and energetic. She is a fun-loving person who loves to travel and take lots of pictures :)

Beautiful, Cute, Fashionista Dena with her Dashing Hubby Pankaj!

Over to you, Dena -

Jaya asked me to write a guest post for her blog. Now the big question was on which topic should I write? Jaya told me I can write about anything, any topic in this world. It made things easy :) I had arranged my wardrobe few days back and so the thing which was on the top of my mind was my earrings collection. So I thought it will be a good idea to share my story about earrings love!

Earlier I used to think big artificial earrings were not for me. It will never suit me. So I never tried them. Then I tried some times but never liked it. Then my very dear cousin Vaishali gave me some beautiful earrings as gift. I tried them and my thinking started changing. I started loving artificial earrings. Today I am in full love with my earrings. I feel like my any dress-up is incomplete without earrings! When I get perfect matching earring with my dress from my collection, I feel like THIS IS IT! :)

As I explored more about earrings, I found there is science behind it that which earring suits which type of face cut. With some research and trial and error you can find perfect shape of earrings, which suits your face cut.

My face-cut is round. So chandelier shaped earrings or any earrings that give my face more height and width are perfect for my face.

Butterfly earrings!

I should not wear round shaped earrings. It makes round face more round. And studs are also not very good option for my face cut. But I like studs also. So when I wear studs I make sure to give good colors to my eyes. Because when we try small earrings focus will be on our eyes and when we use long earrings focus will be on our lips.

After I started liking earrings. Wherever I visit, I started buying earrings. So I had many earrings collected from different places. But then there are many earrings and if you don't take care of it nicely then it may break or you may loose some. So arranging them nicely become very important part.

I use hanging jewelry organizer for my earrings. You can easily find it online or at stores like Marshalls or Ross. There are many earring organizers available like earring trays, earring holder stand, Wall mounted earring holders, Stylish hand or tree to hold earrings. You can arrange it by size, color, style. I have arranged it by color, so I can easily find it whenever I need and I can easily put it back.  If you are traveling then you can pack your matching earrings in small packing bags or small plastic box with hard surface so that it does not break.

I am a baby blogger who started writing by getting inspired by Jaya's very interesting, perfect and very lively blogs. I am very happy to write this small post for Jaya's blog. I hope you enjoyed my earrings story.

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