Friday, January 22, 2016

Friends Season - Nail Art Love by Mukta Hariani

Today is the last day of our ‘Friends Season’. I hope you enjoyed this series of posts by friends. In the process, I learned a lot from them and this will keep me motivated for next couple of months for sure J Today’s post is about my lost love for nail art. There was a time when I used to do nail art almost every weekend. But, then I got married J and didn’t get time for this. I kept getting busy with settling down and travelling with him J Today’s post is definitely giving me a lot of inspiration to get back to my lost love!

Let me introduce you to today’s blogger – Mukta Hariani. She is also my cousin-in-law. I have known her for a little over 2 years. Although we have hardly met in person, I can tell from her instagram pictures that she is an unbelievably crazy shopper and a big time make-up junkie. The first gift that I received from her was a set of Maybelline lip-glosses and eye-shadow. The only thing she wants me to get from US is a bunch of Maybelline products not easily available in India. She is a lover of Bath and Body Works products. You have to follow her on instagram to see her excellent nail-art almost every other day. She super impresses me as she is a mom to a 1 year old son and manages to get time to do the nail art regularly. I feel she is a super mom!!! Hats off to you Mukta Di.

"Cutest photobomb ever"

Over to you -

I have been fascinated since my college days about painting my nails. It began with pearl white and baby pink to the hues of purple. We girls love to paint our nails irrespective of the length of the nails. Don't we?

Slowly my love for colors went on growing and so was the number of nail paints. While getting ready for work, having well-shaped and colored nails was a ritual so was for outings. I honestly confess I have been a hoarder. And pink being my weakness; I have all possible shades of it. During all these years, I have realized it's not just the color of the paint that one is picking, they all come in different variations. From glossy to matt, shimmer to glitters, tons of variants are available. And of course there are so many brands to choose from. So my nail bar grew bigger and bigger.

But there was more than just collecting these paints. Apart from having a matching nail paint or a contrast nail paint, nails can be decorated as well. And that's what got my interest – ‘The Nail Art’. From applying ready made nail stickers to making a design on the nail. Loads of stuff can be done. I couldn't paint my nails for 2 years while I was pregnant and after that got busy with the baby. Now since my little muchkin is grown a little bit I am all excited and geared up. I got my nail art accessories like stamps, dotting tool, nail art pen, glitters, top coats etc from ebay and amazon.

These days the nail paint brands have launched their paints especially for nail art. I am an amateur but learning is fun. Thanks to the internet !!! Its time consuming and needs a lot of concentration and patience. So when my darling Kiyan is sleeping, I get my hands on it. Best is when my friends and family appreciate my work on instagram J So while I learn more and post more, you guys have a great time. Shopping is fun so keep shopping and trying new stuff J

Beautiful designs!

More Nail art!

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