Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dream Vacation to Maui ... begins!

Hawaii is the dream honeymoon place for every couple! But, we purposely did not plan to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon as it is so close to California. Ideally we can go there anytime. It would hardly need a lot of planning. Btw, we went to Mauritius for our first honeymoon. More on that is coming soon on this blog. This post is dedicated to our (second ;) honeymoon and yes it was in Hawaii. Actually, until recently I was not planning to have any vacation till July, as lately we have been travelling a lot and the routine has been very busy. Not to say but Hawaii is also one of my dream vacation, but I didn't see it coming so soon (It was a jackpot!). One fine evening, Manoj was searching some deals on his laptop when he found a win-win deal for Maui. Maui is the second largest Hawaiian islands and the most beautiful of all (As of what I know;)) He came to me and told me that we are going to Maui next long weekend which is the Memorial day weekend. We will have to take leave for two days in addition to the long weekend break. Without even giving a second thought (What? Really? Yayy!!!) I was super excited and looked over the itinerary and started dreaming about the dream vacation.

The trip was planned from May 23rd (Fri) to May 27th (Tue). I was so excited that I took work from home on thursday and spent few hours deciding what nail art I am going to do for Hawaii. See what I ended up doing here. Late afternoon, I went out for shopping to finish my last moment shopping for the dream vacation at Maui :)

We packed up everything and were ready to leave at 8 am in the morning. On this day, we took our first lyft ride. It was a good experience. (I would recommend Lyft for sure). Surprisingly, on that day I had got a bad tooth ache. I dont know where it came from? All such things happen at the best times in my life! Anyways, I didnt let it suppress my excitement for the upcoming vacation. I thought that if it bothers me more, I will take an antibiotic. So, I didnt care much about it.

We had a 5 hour flight from SJC to OGG(Hawaii). The flight itself started giving us a feel of hawaii since the air hostess were dress in sort-of-hawaiian dresses. Primarily they were wearing the hawaiian Lei (which means a garland of flowers). During these five hours, I took several pictures of things around us.

Alaska Airlines giving a feel of Hawaii!

Also, I created a qwiki of my mother-in-laws recent visit to California which is posted here.
After landing we had our first lunch at Maui but because of my tooth ache, I was in no mood to try out anything local. Guess what, we ended up going to a Thai place close to the airport. (What? Thai food in Hawaii? Isnt that Insane?) We ordered our favorite dish "The panang curry and rice" with some fried chicken.

Panang curry and Fried Chicken

We checked-in the hotel at Lahaina Shores Beach Resort. We had planned to spend the rest of the day in our resort's Spa. So once we reached there, the first question I asked the receptionist was where is the Spa and to my surprise he said we do not have Spa in the resort but the expedia agent sitting right across will give you more information at where can u find the best Spa in Lahaina. So, we went to meet her and she gave us a few suggestions but we decided to book on our own. We called a bunch of Spa but either it went on VM or they did not have appointment for the same day. Finally we received a call back from Spa Lelle which had 5 stars and we decided to book them. We were scheduled for 5:30 in the evening. We chose the Apothecary therapy where Manoj chose to have the massage with chocolate and I chose for fresh vanilla bean. And the 90 min experience was just WOW!!

Later in the evening before going to the Spa, we had booked the next day 6:30 am Molokini and Turtle Arches snorkeling tour with Pacific Whale Foundation. Renee the expedia travel agent made our reservation. She booked us for the tour and for the Wyndham time share following the tour. She gave us large discounts just to attend the Wyndham time share. We were so excited to get the Snorkeling tour in such a discounted price! All set to go !

In the night we had been thinking to eat something light before we doze off to sleep. We went to the Front street, where we looked around for various local shops in Maui. I really loved the dresses that these stores had. Every dress I was seeing, I had to buy that! But, I had already overloaded my bag before coming so I tried to keep it calm and slow :D

We went to Star noodle where we had the Singaporian noodles along with the Malasadas - Chocolate and Butterscotch Caramel Sauces, Peanuts  desert. It was yumm!!

Malasadas - Chocolate and Butterscotch
 Caramel Sauces, Peanuts

We went back to hotel and were very tired and wanted to end the day so that we can have an early start the next day for our first adventure at Maui :)

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