Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pineapple Sheera

After our recent trip to Maui, both of us had a hard time to get over Hawaii fever for quite a long time. Recently, we tried to make pineapple sheera from the Pineapple which we got from Maui.

Have you even heard the name - Pineapple sheera? I had never - until this day.When Manoj asked me "Chal pineapple sheera banate hai", I was like "Aisa bhi kuch hota hai kya? It sounds weird, neh! I dont want it!" But he wanted to show me how tasty it was. So, he started following the recipe from 

And to my surprise, it tasted amazing. I loved it. Apparently, it is a Maharashtrian sweet delicacy.. Waah reh waah! 

Here is the link from vahrehvah chef -

Everything Pineapple! The Hawaii effect!

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