Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love for nail art ...

Recently I have started (re)collecting memories from the past which include pictures of my nail art, food, trips etc and wish to document all of them to cherish in the future. Although there are too many things I can think of to collect but what would be better than starting with the nail art that I have done in the past. I could only find a few pictures for now but will update with more if and when I find other pictures in my hard disk. So far it has been like a tough job to start writing but its never too late to start. And when you are surrounded by great blogger friends (like Aditi - it becomes relatively very easy :) She and a few other bloggers whom I have been following since a few weeks now are primarily the real source of inspiration for this post.

Here are a few nail art pictures that I did in the past. The hawaiian theme one is the most recent one that I did just before we visited Maui during the memorial day weekend this year. (2014)

Hawaiian Toe Nails

Hawaiian mood

Newspaper style

Newspaper style take 2

Birds in the sky

Bug love

Love struck!

Vote for Namo! 

Zebra paint!


Polka dots

Welcome summer

Polka dots take 2

Love Manoj! #Ache din aa gaye hai

Brown Zebra paint

Red Zebra paint


  1. WOW...i love them all.
    n thanks for mentioning me. u r to sweet.