Thursday, May 29, 2014

MIL's first visit to California

My mother-in-law visited us recently for the first time after we got married.(yayy!) It was a great time with her and Anaya (Manoj's niece who is 2.5 years.) She is such a beautiful and adorable kid. She has a very special place in my heart. The day she was born (Dec 10, 2011) I met manoj for the very first time. On her first birthday, (Dec 10, 2012) both of us (Manoj and me) agreed to get married and be life partners. Both of us consider her as our lucky charm. We love you Anaya :-*

I made this video to capture the moments that I spent with mummy and Anaya together. It was a great experience to stay with my MIL. I have heard girls whining about how difficult it is to cope up (or meet her expectations to be more specific ;)) with your MIL but in my case I guess I am too lucky to get her. She is super cool and she is super active. The only thing I didnt get to experience is cook for her and feed her (thats what I had been taught by my friends around :D) because she used to cook for all of us while I was at work and also make the arrangements for lunch/dinner for weekend on weekdays itself.

I created this quick qwiki video while I was travelling to Maui from SJC for our second honeymoon :)

Fun Times with Mom!

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