Friday, May 30, 2014

Manoj and Jaya Simply Love Wedding Film

I got married recently (its already been 5 months now but it still feels like too recent - 26th dec, 2013) and here is the video of my dream wedding at Fariyas resort Lonavla.

The arrangements were primarily done by my mother-in-law and heena (who was our event manager, also manoj's cousin). We used to coordinate with them every night and we used to discuss about the progress that has been made. I enjoyed each and every moment of wedding prep. Although it meant sleepless night but I was totally up for it :) We used to talk to/about makeup artists, decorators, hotel accommodations, menu, drinks, photographers etc. Wow! That was so much fun. And am glad the event was executed so graciously with minimum disruptions. (I guess none! Touchwood.)

Here is a video from our wedding events in fariyas resort, Lonavla.  

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