Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pyar hua, Ikrar hua hai, Pyar se fir kyoon darta hai dil ! (R + A)

So friends, it was one winter evening of december two thousand and fourteen, when all of us from Play-By-The-Bay met three new friends. It was raining heavily but fortunately everyone from the group was so excited to welcome our new friends that all of us made it :) The place where we all met is called Amber India - one of the best Indian restaurants to welcome new friends in the group ;) Two of them came all the way from Houston! Such an adorable couple they are :) And the third one is our special friend from bay area itself! We all had lots of fun, chatting with her and pulling her legs for little things :P Looking forward to meet all of them much more often. Here are a few pictures that we took on this beautiful evening! This evening was/is very special and shall be remembered for the rest of our lives and so it has been documented :D 

Thirteen Cheers! 

M <3 J 

The group!

PS: If you are reading this and wondering why is the title out of sync with the content then let me tell you that the title of this post is very apt and it is left to the reader to make their own interpretation ;) Hint: There is at least one photo in the pictures which goes with the title, doesn't it? :D #SecretsICantReveal 

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