Monday, December 15, 2014

Manoj Happy Birthday 2014

This year on Manoj's birthday we had multiple celebrations :) Manoj invited his colleagues for our house warming party at our home sweet home. I baked a pina-colada cake for him. The theme for the cake was email and calendar app for the fire phone as he works for the same. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Email and Calendar app themed cake!

Cake cutting! yayy!
Happy Birthday to you :)

Later that evening, we went to the city for a bollywood night party! It was a lot of fun. We had endless dance, drinks and the moves!

In spirit of Movember!

On the next day, Manoj was suffering from the after effects of booze at the bollywood night and we took it light during the day. In the evening, some of his friends gave a surprise visit and we did the cake cutting again and went out for dinner with them :)

Red velvet cake :)

Happy birthday once again :)

This video is from last year. I made this video for Manoj for his birthday in 2013. And the cake in the video is also baked by me ;) That was my inception at the baking ;)

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