Monday, December 8, 2014

First take on Fondant!

November is the month of birthdays. Not only does Manoj have his birthday in November but lot of my friends have their birthdays in the month of November. So, it is a month of baking cakes :) My interest in baking cakes rose in the month of November when it was Manoj's first birthday with me in 2013. I wanted to make his birthday special so I decided to bake a cake. Baking it yourself gives a very personal touch as opposed to getting it from the best possible bakery in town! And guess what I gained interest in baking so much that I bake cake for (most of) my friend's birthdays' whenever possible.  This year I wanted to do something different so I decided to take my first trial with Fondant! Well, I do not like the taste of Fondant, but the cake looks so beautiful. You can make endless designs/patterns with fondant. So, I wanted to give it a shot. Also, sometime this november, Manoj had mentioned that he loves Pina-Colada cake. So, I had another flavor to try on! 

Here are a few pictures of Pina-Colada cake that I made for Shrushti's and Manoj's birthday this year. 

Fire phone - Email and Calendar app themed cake!

Shrushti's fashionista themed birthday cake 2014!

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