Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Healthy living!

This is a quick 5 min recipe for those who want to start living healthy lives. Pick any five things to do from the following list and make sure you follow them for one week. Next week, pick another 5. In no time, you will start getting used to them and you wont realize you had to put any efforts towards living healthy. Remember this is just step 1. This is like a cheat sheet for someone who has grown up using one or the other. You got it if you have used one ;)

1. Take 10000 steps a day for 1 week
2. Take 5 minute walk everyday for 1 week
3. Do 15 pushups a day for 1 week
4. Drink plenty of water for 1 week
5. Take the stairs instead of elevator for 1 week
6. Park your car away from your destination for 1 week
7. Eat breakfast everyday for 1 week
8. Eat 1 fruit for lunch for 1 week
9. Meditate for 5 minutes a day for 1 week
10. Get 7 hours of sleep everyday for a week
11. Write down 3 positive things about today for 1 week
12. Practice deep breathing 1 minute for 1 week
13. Stretch for 5 minutes a day for 1 week
14. Go to bed before 11 for 1 week
15. Write in your health journal everyday for 1 week
16. Eat 1600 calories everyday for 1 week
17. Floss 1 tooth before going to bed for 1 week
18. Read a book for 5 minutes for 1 week

I picked mine. Have you picked yours?

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