Monday, September 28, 2015

Sukhadi recipe

This weekend it was Ganpati Visarjan which means time for Ganpati bappa to go back home :( But going back means coming back soon!

I wanted to offer some sweet to Ganeshji on this day of visarjan. After thinking a lot, I decided to make sukhadi for which I did not have to go out for shopping:) This is a very easy recipe which contains only 4 main ingredients - wheat flour, gud (jaggery), ghee, cashew nuts.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup wheat flour
1/2 cup jaggery finely grated
1/2 cup ghee
Handful cashews cut into halves OR almonds cut into halves
1 tbsp poppy seeds (khus khus) - optional

1. Take ghee in the pan and start the stove.
2. When the ghee starts to melt, add the wheat flour and cook on medium heat till you smell nice aroma of wheat flour. (Roast till it turns pinkish brown).
3. Put the stove on sim. Add jaggery to it and stir till the jaggery nicely mixes with the wheat flour.
4. Turn off the the gas and pour this mixture into a plate and tap it with a spoon to make the top surface of the plate smooth. Make sure you don't pour a thick layer in the plate. Sukhdi tastes/looks good if it is around 1/2 of an inch :)
5. While it is still hot, sprinkle poppy seeds and cut it into diamond shape just like kaju katli.
6. Decorate it with cashew nuts or almonds.

General Observation: I have noticed that when I make any sweet and if have Ganpati songs playing in the background, all of my sweets turn out to be amazing! Give it a try next time :)


Jai Ganpati Bappa!

All the girls in the house!


Haye tujhko phir se jalwa dikhana hi hoga, 
Agle baras aana hai (aana hi hoga)!
Dekhengee teri rahe, pyasee pyasee nigahe,
Toh maan le tu maan bhi le kehna mera,
Laut ke tujhko aana hai, sunle kehta divana hai,
Jab tera darsan payenge, chain tab hamko pana hai,
Morya morya morya re,
Bappa morya morya morya re! 

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