Sunday, September 20, 2015

Welcoming Ganpati Bappa with Modak - Sept 2015

Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya Suurya-Kotti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa!

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, I had been thinking to make Modak at home. Also I have been experimenting a lot of new things in my kitchen recently but this one sounded really very difficult. After a couple of thoughts somehow I managed to take the guts and decided to offer home-made Modak to Ganesha! When I went through the recipes online, I found it to be so easy and thats when it hit me that the best things in life are actually very simple even though they may sound difficult at first thought. 

Let me quickly share the recipe and some pictures:


1 1/2 cup mawa - crushed or grated.
3/4 cup sugar 
5 elaichi/cardamom crushed and powdered
1tbsp ghee
2 tbsp of evaporated milk (optional)
Few strands of kesar
1 tbsp milk
Bunch of pistachios or almonds depending on what you prefer - crushed
Special Ingredient - A playlist playing Ganesha songs. This will add love and sweetness in the Modak that Ganesha loves :)


Mix few strands of kesar in 1 tbsp of milk and stir it and keep it aside. We will use this at the end.
Take a pan and keep it on stove on high flame. Add ghee, crushed mawa and sugar in the pan and keep stirring at high heat for a min or two. Then reduce the flame and keep stirring this mixture at med heat for around 10 mins. Add the crushed cardamom at this point. If this mixture doesn't become liquid-like in about 10-15 minutes, then add 2 tbsp of milk one at a time and let it evaporate before adding another. Keep stirring for few more minutes. Stop the flame and keep it aside till it completely cools down.  (It took 4-5 hours for me to completely cool it down)

After 5 hours, take the milk mixed with kesar and add it to the mawa mix and knead it with hands. Also add the crushed pistachios to this mix and again knead it. Take the Modak mold and prepare modak from your mawa mix. Now your Modaks are all set to be offered to Lord Ganesha! 

Here are some pictures: 

A very special thanks to Chandana Rathan from Crave Cook Click group for lending me her modak mold for this!

A Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone and may HIS blessings be always upon all of us ! 

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