Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day !

I know this post is pending since a while.. I will keep this very short and sweet :) 

So, this Mother's day I decided to go for a hike at mission peak after 4 long years. I have been to Mission peak once after I moved to bay area. But, the weekend after Mother's day we were leaving for Alaska and our itinerary had lots of small and big hikes in Alaska. This was another motivation for me to go for a hike at Mission peak. I left early in the morning at 7 am with couple of my friends, yes I went without Manoj ;) First time ever. It would have been fun with him but he was really busy with some other things related to work. The hike although considered strenuous didn't feel too strenuous for me. I was surprised that although I havn't been exercising a lot recently, it seemed like a piece of cake for me ;)  The hike is definitely breath taking. Here are some of our pictures from the hike taken from my iPhone. 

Panoramic view!

A hut in the middle of nowhere!

Beautiful View of the city!

Kushal and Dhwani on the peak!

Wishing all beautiful Mom's a very happy mother's day!

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