Friday, February 6, 2015

Memories from Île Maurice :)

If you are wondering what is Île Maurice then - its the french for Mauritius :) It is the place which is considered to be one of the many heavens' on earth (I know there are many places considered to be heaven on earth ;)) 

We went there for our honeymoon direct after our wedding which means we were all tired and drained out of weeks and months of shopping and planning a once in a life-time event :) After the wedding was over, we were looking for a breather and we just wanted to sit, relax and do nothing. Although just like all our other trips, this trip was also full of adventures. I think its in our (read everyone's) genes that we want to do everything possible when we are on a vacation. We try to squeeze in as many activities as possible in our limited time of holidays. Certainly, I do believe in that because when we are planning a trip for the hard earned three weeks of vacation time in a year, chances are we would not be returning to the same place as there are lot of other destinations to explore! Mauritius trip deserves a post on itself (hopefully coming soon!) but this post is not about that trip but about a few memories that we got back (or rather posted) from Mauritius!  

Letter to Mummy :)

Letter to <3

Letter to Nani!

Letter to mummy, papa and chandni from <3!

<3 posting the postcards :)


  1. Beautiful post :) Is this your handwriting Jaya? Its like pearls!! Waiting for the Mauritius post now...

    1. Yes it is :) Thank you very much for your beautiful words :) Will get to Mauritius post soon! Hopefully ;) There is so much pending content to write about..!