Thursday, February 12, 2015

Crave.Cook.Click = Bliss!

One major change that I have seen in myself after being Dhriti is that I have turned into a foodie ;) Well, before marriage I was not too much into food. I never craved for different food items before as much as I do today. Moreover, as much as I crave for food, I also experiment a lot with food. I have been trying out so many recipes recently that I can't believe it's the same 'me' that I was a year ago. I think the change is good. So not to worry. And thanks to Manoj who loves to cook and eat new varieties soooo much. I must admit that everything that he touches literally turns gold. I mean turns super yummy and delicious. This post is dedicated for his recent experiment with making pizza at home, yes right from the scratch! It was simply amazing :) :) This is the reason we don't like to eat out these days :)  

Yeast! Start your action! Or should I say reaction ?

Dough mix

Kneaded dough. Waiting for the dough to rise ;)

Master Chef at work ;)
His t-shirt says - "I created fire!" Yes, unfortunately, our fire alarms went off when the pizza was in the making :(

Filling cheese on the sides

Let me capture some action

Ketchup and Buffalo sauce on the base

My mouth is watering while I am writing these captions

Looks delicious :)

All set to go in oven

Can't wait to spread the cheese

Can't wait to take it out of oven!

Crispy base thin crust Vegetarian Pizza! Eternal Bliss!


  1. Hate you for writing this and posting these pics.. I am craving it so bad now!!! Well, hope its a good motivation for me to try it at home.. looks soooooo yummy!!!! Good job, you guys, or should I say, good job Manoj in making it and good job Jaya in documenting it ;)