Thursday, February 5, 2015

Burrito Bowl at home - sounds tempting, huhh!?

I have been trying out new variations of food at home lately. I had leftover rajma from the previous night. I am normally not a big fan of it but since we were bored of same vegetables over and over again, I had thought of cooking Rajma just for a change. Well, I can't take it again on the next day :( The root cause of my dislike for Rajma/Cholley is that I have spent over about two years surviving on both of these protein filled currys!

But, I am BIG Chipotle fan for sure. Whenever I go to Chipotle, I order a veggie burrito bowl with all sauces, corn, cheese, guac, brown rice, black beans and the veggies :) My mouth is watering while I am writing this! Such a huge fan of burrito bowl I am;)

We decided to make veggie burrito bowl at home with the left over rajma. I quickly made brown rice which normally takes longer than the white rice. (We are now thinking healthy - atleast, if not eating healthy) On the side, I made some guac for the topping and manoj sliced some cheese.

Here are a few pictures of what the end result was --
We added brown rice, rajma, small quantity of onions stir fried at the bottom and garnished it with sev, namkin (chevda), cilantro, cheese, guac, tomato ketchup and some green chutney. Both of us just loved it ;)

Another take, another day!

This time with the drinks and mozzarella cheese sticks :) 

And with a perfect mix of sauces, direct from Mexico ! 

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