Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another hand-written letter :)

It had been only few days at our new home and we weren't used to the new door-bell sound. So, both of us ignored that sound although it was noticed by both of us ;) It was the time of Diwali and was around 7pm in the evening. We as usual were preparing the list of shopping for our new home. We weren't celebrating Diwali as much as we were planning/window-shopping for our home. And suddenly I realized that we should have got our "Bed Bath and Beyond"'s order of curtains today. So, I quickly ran down to see if there was any parcel at our door step. And to my surprise, there were two :) I wasn't very much interested in that bigger packet as I knew it had the curtains that we had ordered. I was curious to find out what did this small chotu sa packet had. I read on the parcel that it was coming from LA and was named under CG. Oh, then I realized why Aditi asked me my home address. I was excited to open it and to my surprise I got this cute little gift for our new home with lots of love from Aditi and CG. Awww, how sweet of both of them to send us such a sweet token of love. And of course making our Diwali a special one. I don't know much about CG (he is one of manoj's besties - that's all I know about him and I respect him) but I love Aditi, she is such a sweetheart. I can never forget our last couple of meetings when we met at Pismo beach and she was all cold in the month of may! And then she came to SF when we took both of them around in the city. I have very fond memories with her although for a very short period of time. But how can I forget mentioning, she is my sole inspiration for making me write this blog again! I am a big fan of her. She is adorable! Thank you so much sweetheart for the lovely gift for our new home and the amazing hand written best wishes for both of us! That letter means a lot to me. I love hand-written letters ;) 

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