Saturday, April 16, 2016

Baking for charity!

April is a very special month for my blog! Yes, its my blogs' anniversary month. Although I blogged very little this year, I promise to compensate in the following year :)

Since this month I am celebrating my blogs' second anniversary, I wanted to do something special. Special by spreading happiness and seeking inspirations. Manoj and I had some conversations about it and we thought it would be a great idea to bake for charity:-) As soon as we posted this on Facebook, a lot of people reached out to us to know more about it and to know how it works?

First of all let me thank everyone who reached out to us for ordering cakes and those who sent their inspirational words through messages and emails. This would not have been possible without you and your support.

This post summarizes what "Baking for Charity" is all about.

It is a simple 3-step process:

1. You fill this form to order your cake for your special occasion - Online Cake Order Form
2. You decide the amount you feel comfortable to pay for the cake.
3. You visit our fundraiser page to donate that amount to your favorite charity - 
* If you prefer donating to any other charity thats not listed on the above link, please feel free to reach out and I can add it to our list.

PS: We are now raising funds for Asha For Education exclusively, please donate on this link Asha For Education

We make you happy by giving our 100% in baking the best cake possible as per your needs and you make someone else happy by donating your money towards a noble cause that you care about. This way we are spreading happiness and paying it forward :-)

Please do share your thoughts/reviews in the comments below. 

Also do read my post "Pay It Forward" to know the story behind how we came up with this idea - Pay It Forward

Here are few pictures of the cakes that we have baked for various occasions! Hope you will love them!

Mango flavored Minion cake!

No bake mango cheese cake

Photo cup cakes for all the scorpions
on the house!

Dora themed happy birthday cake!

Jungle theme cupcakes!

25th birthday Birthday cake

Tiramisu - my personal favorite
Another hit - No bake Ice cream cake

Cake for a special friend
Baby shower Tres Leches cake
Mango cake

Special 30th fashionista cake
Princess cake
Eggless Tiramisu baby shower cake
Photo cake

Independence day housewarming party
special cake

6 month birthday red velvet cake

M&M's cake
Mango mousse with lots of mango!

Surprise cake in the making
With M&M's hidden in the cake ;)

Chocolate cake

Fire phone theme cake for the engineer!

Eggless Butterless orange cake!

Bananaanana chocolate minion cake!

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