Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Napa Valley!

Yes, we started our new year by visiting Napa Valley as our first trip in 2015 :) Primarily, we went there for the most awaited day of one of my best friend's life. His Proposal :) The proposal was planned between 2:30pm to 4pm but we decided to get there early and make the best of whatever extra time we had. So we left early in the morning. While on the way, I looked up a bunch of wineries and decided to go to the Rutherford ranch located in St Helena. I called them and reserved a spot for chocolate and wine pair tasting. Both of us are not too much into wines but we were excited to get introduced to it :)

Once we got there, we were welcomed warmly and were seated on royal chairs :) We tried four different types of wines with their chocolate partners. I am not sure about how I liked the wines but the chocolates were yummilicious! While I was enjoying the chocolates, Manoj was having fun sipping different varieties of wines. We got to know a lot about wines that day. Here are few insights provided by our wine tasting rep. 
1. Wine tastes best when served between 45 to 65 degree F.
2. It is recommended not to hold the glass of wine with the bulb but with the stem of the glass because your body temperature can rise the temp of wine and it may not taste as good. 
3. We got introduced to the 5 S's of wine tasting which are: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, Savor!
4. We got to know how to relish the wine the most.

After taking a couple of pictures in the vineyard, we headed out to Viader. Viader was another winery where the my friend was going to propose his girl and we were among the executors :) Viader is such a beautiful place to be (proposed;))! And thankfully, the proposal was executed as per the plan. It was such a great hit! I am so happy for him :) Here are a few pictures of the proposal..  

Yes, she said yes!

Inside Viader!

She said yes!

Here are some of our pictures from Rutherford ranch and Viader vineyard :)

Crazy Indians! Who eats desi while travelling? 

Panoramic J

Panoramic M

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