Thursday, July 2, 2020

Open Ended Toys!

🧸 Open ended Toys!

🍴 I recently learned about these and love the whole science behind it. These toys have taught me lessons as a parent that I wouldn't have practiced otherwise.

🧸 Best part of open ended toys is no set up is required. These toys dont have any batteries, they dont light up or make any noise. These types of toys allow the child be the explorer and make the play happen. There is no right or wrong way to play with these toys. It is completely on your child's imagination.

🍴The hardest thing for me is to be patient and not interrupt Krish's play and provide him direction while he is playing with his regular toys where certain things need to be done in a certain way. The most important lesson these open ended toys taught me is to TRUST that he can direct his own play.

🧸 Sometimes all we need to really do is take a step back and observe our kids without interjection. Trusting them that they are perfectly capable of deciding and directing their own play and learning.

🍴It needs patience and is very hard, but it is definitely worth the end results.

🧸 I gave Krish these masking tapes and didnt tell him what to do. I took a back seat and observed him come up with 3-4 different ways he was involved with them and busy for quite sometime.

🍴This is the probably the reason why kitchen utensils are all kids favorite at some point during their toddlerhood. Because they are open ended and kids figure out numerous unique ways to play with them.

🧸 Share what open ended toys/things you have tried with your little ones and give me more ideas to try with Krish.

💜 Thanks to Sejal from @sageness who gave me this inspiration of not interrupting Krish while playing and letting him direct his own play.

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