Thursday, December 17, 2015

Manoj's Big 3-0!

Turning 30 is a big deal for some people, atleast it is for me. I do not want to turn 30 anytime soon... As if I had an option :'( But this year my love turned 30! For me leaving twenties is like leaving your youth and officially embarking a grown up life. It is actually a good thing but to me somehow it is a little scary. 

Even though being 30 sounds scary to me I was super excited for him turning thirty :) I wanted to celebrate it with style;) I started planning his birthday right from my birthday in August and I registered both of us for our first ever half marathon and trust me it was once in a lifetime experience for us. First times are always very special. You can read more about our marathon experience here

We celebrated his Big 3-0 with many of his different groups of friends. His birthday falls on November 9th but the celebrations began on Oct 31st  - yes on the night of Halloween! We were at a halloween party at our neighbors place and on the same day one of Manoj's under-grad friends was visiting SF from India. Some of his other under-grad friends planned a get together on the same night and we decided to catch them up after the halloween party. We managed to sneak out of the party at neighbors place to join the other party ;) All of them met for dinner and we joined them right on time - post dinner. On meeting them he had such a blast - taking a stroll down the memory lane and recalling their days of youth. He with five of his other friends were giggling out so loud in the restaurant that everyone around was watching us! Oh my God! I saw him so super duper happy :) Before the restaurant people kick us out we decided to take a walk to Santana-row for some desert. This is where we had his birthday cake cutting with some coffee at Cocola :-) 

Halloweenie birthday fun! 

PS: Yes, we were dressed up in our halloween avatars which made it soooo much fun to walk on the roads and watch other crazy people! It was quite halloweenie!

The next celebration was with all the scorpions of our gang :) This is the tradition of our group since quite some years now :) This time it was primarily organized by Shivali for Herat's 30th birthday on Nov 1st. It was an amazing night as we went out for the Escape room game where they lock us all in a small room and give us a number of clues to come out of that room. Although we lost the game :P and couldn't solve all the clues to get out of the room, it was an awesome experience! Post this game we went for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant. My contribution for this party - I made Tiramisu cake for the evening. It came out real yummy... :) Here are few pics from the night

Escape room game night and dinner with friends :)

The four scorpions! L-R: Prince.Shrusti.Herat.Manoj. Missing Ami

Next was 8th of November when we ran our first half marathon :) It was awe-inspiring running with him on this day with spectacular views of Golden Gate Bridge celebrating love's birthday, listening to his awesome playlist with a little bit of drizzle as we cross the GGB with 'Tum Hi Ho' playing right on time which added the icing on the cake. Just can't describe in words. We made our first records to complete the half marathon in little under 2:45 hours. On completion, it felt like we were on the top of this world :) 

Marathon Madness!

On a scale of 1-10 we're perfect 13.1 :)

Our race bibs!

Then came the surprise part! I had called his friends to Crissy fields for his Big 3-0 surprsie moment. And luckily it was very well executed. He had no clue everyone was coming :) Here are few pictures of fun moments at Crissy fields where he was dipped in the ice cold water by his friends. I guess it was a good way to quickly recover post marathon :)

Post this Crissy fields madness we went to his favorite cuising restaurant in SF. It is called Thai Idea Vegetarian. The best part of this restaurant is their presentation of food. An absolutely must visit place just for the presentation. Here is the link - Thai Idea Vegetarian. Totally loved it. 
On a scale of 1-10 you're perfect 30!

Wow so much fun it was on the 8th !!!

Next day Nov 9th was his actual birthday. We had done so much the previous day but how can I leave the excitement on the day of his birthday :) We had another celebration at home in the evening with family this time and to my surprise no technical difficulties :) Everyone I invited came on google hangout and on time! Couldn't get better than this. This was the best and most unexpected celebration he said it was :) 

For the coffee lovers :)
Birthday boy!

Google hangout craziness!

Playing with google avatars!

Post family celebration we went out for dinner to a michelin star 1 south-indian restaurant. Yes, there is a michelin star south Indian restaurant in bay area. While I was looking for michelin star restaurants options to take him out for his birthday dinner, I immediately booked this place as soon as I found there was a south-indian restaurant of this class. He totally loves south indian food. We had lots of good food and fun at Rasa. Here is the link - Rasa

Birthday treat @ Rasa (Michelin star 1)! 

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