Sunday, November 15, 2015

Shravan 2015

Welcome back to the Shravan series at beingdhriti :) I know its November already, but its never too late to write a post. Its always better late than never. Here are some of our pictures from different festivals from the month of shravan this year :) This is a picture-only post.

Independence Day!

Baked this Independence themed house warming cake for Pankaj-Jiya :)

Independence Mood!

Office potluck !

Baked this M&M's surprise cake for office potluck :)

Rakshabandhan time - Time to send post cards to brothers :)



Smile please...

Prachi bhabhi and Manoj!

With AB and bhabhi. Missed you - Piyush and bhabhi!

Manoj and his rakhees :)

Sagarrrrr and me!

Mehendi time - Teejri :)


He put mehendi for me for the first time ever :)
Mandatory pose ;)
Look who was home for Teejri pooja <3 - Reema :)

Love you to the moon and back ;)

Look who visited us the next day :)

Pose 2 ;)

There are no pictures for Saatam and Janmashtami as we were on vacation to Yellowstone during the most important festivals of the month of Shravan! No worries will celebrate next year :)

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